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Free and Reduced Parent Letter and Instructions

Free and Reduced Meal Application

Middle-High School

  image Current Breakfast Menu (177 KB)
  • Student Breakfast - $1.85
  • Reduced Breakfast- $.30
  • Adult Breakfast - $2.25
  • Milk - $.45

  image Current Middle-HS Lunch Menu (474 KB)
  • Student Lunch - $2.30
  • Reduced Lunch- $0.40
  • Adult Lunch - $3.50
  • Milk - $.45

Elementary School

  image Current Breakfast Menu (188 KB)
  • Student Breakfast - $1.50
  • Reduced Breakfast- $.30
  • Adult Breakfast - $2.25
  • Milk - $.45
  image Current Lunch Menu (492 KB)
  • Student Lunch - $2.20
  • Reduced Lunch- $0.40
  • Adult Lunch - $3.50
  • Milk - $.45

Health Services

Students with Asthma
Asthma is the number one leading reason for absenteeism from school.
In order to better understand how Asthma is affecting our school corporation we are participating in a survey from October 1st till December 1st, 2010.
If you are a student with Asthma and are sick because of your Asthma, when you call into school to report your absence please make sure to tell the office IF it is because of your Asthma or for another reason.
Please check in with the school nurse to make sure she is aware that you have Asthma before October first.

Health Service Documents

Health Services

Contact Health Services
Marcia Oiler RN, your covering school nurse is available for questions or concerns.  Call her at 219-863-0595 (cell)

Current News
I have been following the Senate Appropriation Subcommittee on the increasing concerns and developments of the Swine Flu. It is on CSPAN and has the leading officials from the CDC, Agriculture and more testifying on what needs to be done. This is a very informative program and offers much insight into the progress of what is being done to track and develop a plan of attack on the H1N1 virus.

Indiana has a hotline for questions on the Swine Flu: 877-826-0011.

A vaccine is already in the process of being developed however months away. There is well over 50million doses of Antiviral medications to help treat the flu. It does need a MD prescription.

The concerns with this virus, it that it is a new strain never seen before. This means there is no immunity for the population, causing a main concern from the CDC.

Currently the virus is showing up in a mild form in the US. A concern is that it may resurface during the next flu season stronger.

WE need to be PRO-ACTIVE.
WE do this by following the guidelines of the CDC.
We need to do these all the time not just because there is an outbreak!

Hand washing is a must! A soap and water scrub that lasts 30 seconds each time you sneeze, blow your nose or cover your mouth to cough should be done. The alcohol-based hand cleaners are also effective.
Avoid hand shaking and hugging.

Influenza is spread person-to-person by close contact. Coughing and sneezing makes the spreading of the virus a quick transfer. Again, cover the mouth and nose with a tissue and then wash your hands.
Try to limit only one person in a family to provide care to the sick family member.

If you or your children are sick STAY AT HOME!
Monitor for the following symptoms:
Fevers > 100
DRY Coughing and Runny nasal discharge and Sore throats
Body Aches and headaches
Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea

There is a 2-3 day incubation period before symptoms appear, it may even take 7 days before feeling ill.

Follow up and see your MD for a test to determine the H1N1 virus.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Indiana State Department of Health
White County Health Department: 574-583-8254

At this time there has been NO indication of the virus in the pork industry in the US or Mexico. Pork products are safe to eat. Remember to follow proper cooking and handling of pork products. Cooking pork to an internal temperature of 160 degrees kills bacteria and viruses.

Keeping our students and staff healthy is our main concern!

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